#evodrinks - a success story

It all started with an idea about 10 years ago - we wanted a refreshing drink that could be enjoyed at any time. One that athletes love and one that is also the perfect companion for your free time.
We want to bring awareness back to what is natural with #evodrinks. This is why we have deliberately avoided artificial flavorings, granulated sugar and dyes. The result is a refreshing drink that is low in calories, vegan and tastes great. And that's what we work on every day with passion - to develop even more delicious drinks for you.
#evodrinks - just drink it!

Our team (Germany & UK)

The core of our business relations are our customers and their satisfaction. We are looking forward to achieving success together!

Über uns

Max Märker


Activity: Distribution & Marketing (DE)

Über uns

Marion Thomé


Activity: PR & Social Media

Claudia Burmeister


Activity: Office & Accounting (DE)

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