Social engagement is important!

We all share a responsibility, since everyone is capable of
thinking about other people as well as about oneself.

Social engagement – what does that even mean?

Above all, it means working voluntarily and without remuneration for a good cause or giving something.

Of course, social commitment also means regularly donating to an association or institution. It is about broadening horizons by not only focusing on one's own life or goals, but by also taking care of the well-being of fellow human beings.

Below are some examples of how and where we have been getting involved at #evoDrinks.

Dragon Boat Cup - Michael Stich Foundation

In June, we supported the Dragon Boat Cup in Hamburg. It was not only about the sporting performance, but of course mainly about the good cause. The legendary Dragon Boat Cup goes to the Michael Stich Foundation, which supports HIV-infected and affected people and children suffering from AIDS as well as educational and prevention projects.

RTL Donation Marathon

We help children - because children are our future. We are also in the middle of it all, because we love to help and have a GIANT heart for children! That is why we took part in the RTL donation marathon once again.

City of children, Bregenz

Once a year, the city centre of Bregenz belongs to very special guests - namely the children! Games, fun and adventure - including a red-cheek guarantee. Bregenz lets the children be children and thus puts all small and big worries in the background. We are delighted to be able to support this great event.

Kids need moments

Kids need moments - again enables some children who have suffered a stroke of fate or who do not always have it so easy in life to take part in the holidays at Fotticamp Mallorca. As a sponsor of the football camp, we not only provide the training bus and refreshments, but together with the other partners we also ensure that some children can participate in the camp free of charge. This is a matter of the heart for us.

Wild Forest Foundation

In order to pass on some of our success, we attach great importance to social commitment. Therefore we were co-initiator of the Wild Forest Foundation e.V. The first project of this foundation is the protection of the rainforest and its inhabitants in the north of Sri Lanka. Here, several hectares of rainforest have been saved from destruction. Therefore we regularly donate a part of our profit to this and other projects to leave a positive "footprint" for our children and to make our world a better place.

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