Before you submit a claim, please make sure that there is a reason for the claim. Please do not submit your claim until you have taken note of the information below and are sure that your order is subject to claim.

Not grounds for claims are:

  • • Print deviations of the label, which are within the tolerance range
  • • Poor print quality due to too small image files or too low resolution
  • • Incorrect placement of data files, non-observance of bleed or incorrectly inserted text fields, image files or other elements
  • • All other deviations that are the responsibility of the user

Grounds for claims are:

  • • Print quality and further processing (colour deviations, graphic errors, processing errors)
  • • Transport damage (packaging and/or goods damaged)
  • • Delivery quantity (too few units, too few packages)
  • • Delay in delivery (order not yet received or received too late)

To submit your claim, please send us an email (with which you placed your order), stating the order number and the reason for your claim.


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